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Soap case

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For transport of soap bars – made of tinplate – 100% plastic-free – for bars of soap of all current sizes
  • HY-2902-EN01
12 Jun 2022

Rust after 1 transport while I tried to keep it dry as possible.. not really sustainable like this unfortunately..

Rust :(
3 Jun 2022

1 handsome
2 good size - fits both, soap for body and hair
3 nature friendly material
4 rust :( After few weeks has so much rust all over that can not be used. Very sad. Hope you come up with sth better. You should consider that soap boxes are often used for travel and exercise/gym- that means that I need the box to be able to withstand watery conditions. A LOT OF WATERY CONDITIONS. When you take it with you to gym or travel, you are not going to take the soaps out of the box and go to shower. You take the box with you (it will get very very wet!!) because otherwise you have nowhere to put the soap after you finish washing.

So yeah. Another material maybe?

Rust after 3 Weeks
29 Sep 2021

Very disappointed. I expected a resistant and durable soap case, but I was shocked by the rust marks that started to appear after only a few transports. I you want an ecofriendly case, buy something you won’t have to throw away after a month.

Admin 4 Oct 2021

Ahoy hoy dear Julian!

Thank you for your feedback on the soap case. We're very sorry to hear that our product doesn't meet your expectations.

Unfortunately we're aware of the rust issue with the soap case and we are already working on a solution. Our initial thought was that the case made from tin plate would stay intact when kept dry. However, we know that this cannot be guaranteed, given that it is used for soaps.

We chose tinplate as material because it is a plastic free material, that has the highest recycling rate (92-95%) and is sourced in Germany.

Regardless of that, we're working on sourcing a new material that ensures our high production standards and can also keep up in the shower! 

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