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We're in love with water! The word 'HYDROPHIL' comes from the Greek and means: water-loving. We all need the wonderful resource water to live and every life on earth springs from a drop of water. In order that future generations can also benefit from our water, we want to use and pollute as little water as possible through our actions.
Our HYDROPHIL project has the idea that we want to make a conscious contribution to the responsible use of water. In our shop you can buy water neutral, vegan & fair and in our blog (only in German) you can find out many exciting things about water.

For us, water-neutral means that the products are manufactured in a water-friendly way: We use natural ingredients that grow without artificial irrigation, such as bamboo. In addition, we only use paints that are produced without mineral oils or other chemical additives and therefore leave no residues in the drinking water or groundwater during composting.
We do not want to create unnecessary suffering in the world through our actions. That is why our products do not contain animal products and are not tested on animals. Our products are manufactured fairly, because fair work deserves fair remuneration.

We consciously donate 10 percent of our profits to Viva con Agua, because in our opinion it cannot be that in 2019 785 million people in the world will still not have free access to clean drinking water. In addition, almost 2.2 billion people in the world have no access to sanitation. We want to change this and contribute our small part to it.

In almost all regions of Germany tap water is drinkable and often of higher quality than bottled water. When you're on the move, you buy a reusable drinking bottle instead of buying expensive bottled water. Tap water saves money. Click here to go to the tap water bottle:

Another important point when comparing bottled water to tap water is the CO2 balance of the respective products. The long transport routes are extremely problematic from an ecological point of view. In comparison, tap water has an ecological balance of 1:1000 compared to bottled water, as transport and production of the bottles are no longer necessary.

Plastic surrounds us almost constantly, it can be used in many forms and is cheap. The bad thing about it is that plastic takes at least 500 years to rot. There are about 13,000 plastic particles on every square kilometer of sea surface - distributed worldwide by currents. In the North Sea, the share of plastic in marine waste is estimated at 75 percent.
Furthermore, most plastics are produced from crude oil at high cost, which further accelerates the consumption of finite resources. So the use of plastic should be carefully considered and greatly minimized.

Anyone who deals with the topics of sustainability and water as regularly as we do often finds out in everyday situations that there are products that are certainly not yet optimal. Likewise, when we were brushing our teeth in the bathroom in the morning, it fells like scales from our eyes. For over a year we have been tinkering, researching, making samples, etc.: our sustainable toothbrush was made of bamboo. The handle of the toothbrush is biodegradable and plastic-free. Instead, it is 100% made from the rapidly renewable raw material bamboo. Our oil-free bristles made from renewable raw materials (castor oil) clean your teeth reliably. The bristles are BPA-free. We consistently use ecological natural colors in cooperation with AURO. We offer the sustainable toothbrush with medium soft & extra soft bristles.
Each sustainable toothbrush is hygienically individually packed in an environmentally friendly recycling carton, which is also degradable.
We recommend the child toothbrush from a child age of 3 years. As with all toothbrushes, we recommend that you use them for a maximum of 3 months. After use, you can simply break off the head of the toothbrushes including the bristles and dispose of them separately.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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