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Children's toothbrush mug - Walrus Children's toothbrush mug - Walrus
The blue HYDROPHIL toothbrush mug with maritime walrus print offers your children's toothbrushes a safe and sustainable haven. Produced at the gates of Hamburg, the solid toothbrush mug for children is a perfect choice for your...
€4.90 *
Children's toothbrush mug - Captain Children's toothbrush mug - Captain
Our green HYDROPHIL captain mug offers the sustainable toothbrushes of your little sailors a safe harbour from pirates. The solid toothbrush mug for children comes directly from its production site just outside the port of Hamburg and is...
€4.90 *
Upcycling Travel Bag Upcycling Travel Bag
Your useful companion whether at home or on your travels. You can hang it everywhere with the small or the large loop. It doesn’t matter where on a branch in the woods or on a nail in your own bathroom. Rolled up, it fits into every...
€49.90 *
Make your loved ones happy and give them the choice of what they want to redeem their voucher for. Printed on thick, 100% recycled paper in postcard format, the voucher for water neutrality comes to you completely free of shipping costs!
From €25.00 *
Jute Bag Jute Bag
Your sustainable alternative to plastic bags. It´s 100% cotton & certified through the official Ökotex seal. Of course this bag was produced under Fairtrade conditions. We say no to plastic bags with this nice printing. Join our...
€7.00 *
With a capacity of 1000ml, a lock made of ceramic and waterproofing caoutchouc our HYDROPHIL bottle made of glass is your perfect attendant for every day. Produced in Germany with a nice LOVE engraving. Its time to resign to plastic, PET...
€13.50 *
Conjac Sponge (unpacked) Conjac Sponge (unpacked)
Our Konjac sponge - made from konjac root - is ideal for gentle cleansing, peeling and massage of your skin. It provides moisture and helps due to its alkaline property with acne-prone skin. Because of its naturalness and particularly...
€5.90 *
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